Posted: 02/23/2013 by whocantopit in Pictures

ME AND MY HONEY AND THE MANY OTHERS HE'S GONNA GET. Ya Sweetie, your Gonna get what you want. You always do. It’s Gonna stab he in the heart everytime too.

ALL THOSE STARES BURNING YOUR CLOTHES OFF, I KNEW YOU LOOKED LIKE THAT. If I’m the one who works hard to get you back to what you were before. Why should I have to share you??? Ya, I’m gonna work my ass off to get you back to this. Then I’m Gonna have to share you. You always get what you want. It’ll stab me in the heart real bad!!!  Ya either fight them off with a baseball bat or just let you have them. A man like that can’t be with just one. I got my WOW and that’s all that matters!!!

This is all the woman he's gonna have.  It just pisses me off, I finally got man of my dreams and I'm going to have to share.


The first picture is of me and my honey in the sky on one of my visions.. If you take that head with the sunglasses on and put it on the actual body, you have my Mr. Scrumptious.

The second picture, the big tease, sent to me when I was down and out.  With all of the days that I just sat there and stared at him, burning the clothes off to see something more than the arms. So he sent this to me as the ya, look at me without my shirt on. I finally got it, the perfect Mr. Scrumptious. Well that is til the truck hit him.  I remember telling him that super duper body, say bye bye to it all and I remember him saying, nope that isn’t gonna happen.  Well all I can say is,  IT DID HAPPEN.  Now he wants me to work my ass off working out and getting stronger and massaging his back so he can get stronger and look like this again.  :So ya, I’m going to be the best woman you ever had.

The third picture is of the two of us and all the women reaching out their hands wanting him.

The fourth picture is of me looking away, I just bare to see him with someone else when Ive worked so hard to get that, it isn’t fair.

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