Posted: 02/27/2013 by whocantopit in Pictures




I am always so busy looking up to see visions and things that most people will never see that I have forgotten about looking down to see what beauty lies here on earth.

Most of the time there isn’t anything worth while at all to photograph and put in my memory log.

So on Sunday February 24, 13 I took a walk to the beach. I took a different way, a way I don’t normally take in a quest, a venture to find something beautiful, worth while by looking down to put in my memory log.

As me and my significant other are text messaging I have to stop walking to text back. As I finished the message I looked away from the phone in a downward position and look what I saw.

I received my quest, my venture and that made me remember that there is still beauty here upon this little blue marble that I am forced to live upon.

© copyright 2013 whocantopit


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