Posted: 05/03/2013 by whocantopit in Bible Lessons

Who Are The Sons Of God? Romans Chapter 8:1-17:

1.  In your opinion, what is “therefore” there for?

2.  Does this mean that, even if Christians sin, we will not be condemned?  Why/why not?

3. What do you feel Paul means in verse 5 by having our “minds set?”

4.  Howe does this compare with 7:25?

5.  Do you feel it is our mind set or our action that is the deciding factor?  Explain!

6.  When you are disappointed in yourself for sinning, is this a sign that you’re a child of God or of the devil??  Explain!

7.  In your own words, how does Paul’s testimony of himself and analysis of the Christian experience help us in our walk today?

More Than Conquerors, Romans Chapter 8:18-39:

1.  What sufferings do you feel Paul was writing about?

2.  In the first few verses, is Paul suggesting salvation goes beyond mankind?  Why/why not?

3.  What does “redemption of our bodies” mean?

4.  Describe ways in which you’ve experienced the Spirit interceding for you with groans words cannot express.

5.  What are some ways you’ve experienced God taking something bad and working it for the good?

6.  Do you feel verses 29-30 are saying some people have no choice, but are predestined to salvation or condemnation?  Explain!

7.  Does verse 33 mean that Christians don’t need to obey civil laws?

8.  What do you feel verse 35-39 says about the belief many have that if something bad happens to you, it’s God punishing you?


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