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Bible dispensations, drafting of God’s plan for man.

Dispensation 1)  God in the Eternal past.  Psalms 90:2 93:2 Micah 5:2 Hebrew 9:14

Dispensation  2) The Drafting of God’s Plan.  Ephians 3:11 Hebrew 1:3, 11:3, 1st Pet. 1:20

Dispensation 3)  Creation of the Heavens including the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Gen. 1:1; Col. 1:15-18; Psa. 8:3; 90:2; 95:5; 102:25; Isaiah. 40:12; 26; 45:12; 48:13 

Dispensation 4) Creation of the Spirit World, before the Creation of the Earth. Job 38:4-7 Col. 1:15-18

Dispensation 5) Creation of the Earth made perfect for the First time. Genesis 1:1 Job. 38:4-7 Isa. 45:18, Heb 11:3

Dispensation 6) Creation of the World, the Social Order that then was. 2nd Peter 3:5-8; Isa. 14:1 2-14 45:18; Jer. 4:23-26; Eze. 28:11-17

Dispensation 7) Lucifer’s first reign over the World that then Was. The Length of this Rule was not known. Isa. 14:12-14 Jer. 4:23-26 Eze. 28:11-17 Col. 1:15-18

Dispensation 8) Other Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, and powers, places over other parts of the universe. Col. 1:15-18; Eph. 1:21; 3:10; 1st Peter 3:22

Dispensation 9) The Kingdom of God – Universal. The Supreme Moral Governor of the Universe, and everything is in Harmony with him. (Job 38; Dan. 4:17, 25, 32., 35) The Length of this rule of this Universal Harmonious Kingdom before Lucifer’s Rebellion is not known.

Dispensation 10) Lucifer, the Original Ruler of the Planet Earth conceives an idea that HE can obtain co-operation from other Angelic Beings and Dethrone God and become the Exalted Ruler of the Universe. Isa. 14:12-14; Eze. 28:11-17; 1st Tim. 3:6;

Dispensation 11) Lucifer Carries out His Plans, Falls through Pride and forments rebellion by slander and accusations against the Almighty, causing his own Earth Kingdom Subjects and over one Third of God’s Angels to rebel against God. This Starts Earth’s first Sinful Career. The Length of this Uprising was not Known. Rev.12:7-12; Isa. 14:12-14; Eze. 28:11-17; 1st Tim. 3:6;

Dispensation 12) Lucifer openly breaks relation with God and his government, leading his rebels from the appointed place of mobilization on earth into heaven in his attempt to dethrone God. He is met by Michael and the faithful angels and defeated, being cast as lightening back to earth. Isa. 14:12-14; Eze. 28:11-17; 1st Tim. 3:6; Luke 10:18

Dispensation 13) God destroys Lucifer’s Kingdom completely, and curses the earth by destroying every bird, animal, fish, city, inhabitant, and all vegetation. He then turns the earth upside down and by means of a great flood makes it empty and waste. The length of this pre-Adam flood is not known. Gen. 1:2; Psa. 104:5-9; Isa. 14:12-14; Jer. 4:23-26; Eze. 28:11-17; 2nd Pet. 3:5-9

Dispensation 14) Re-creation of the earth and heavens in six literal 24 hour days. The Spirit of God moves upon the flooded earth in the darkness covering the waters. Light is restored, earth is brought into a second habitable state. New land, animals, fish, fowls, and vegetation are created. Adam is made the new ruler of the earth in Lucifer’s place and told to re-plenish or refill it. Gen. 1:2; Exo. 20:8-11; 31:15; Psa. 104:6-9

Dispensation 15) The earth being made perfect a second time. All things in the universe are again in harmony with God as before Lucifer’s rebellion, except Lucifer and his spirit rebels who are still at large in the heavenlies, being permitted to remain free to further gods plan by testing man in the probationary periods of the human race. Gen. 1:3; 2:25; Job. 1:6; 2:1; Eph. 2:1-3; 6:10-18; Rev. 12:7-12;

Dispensation 16) The First Probationary Period. Dispensation of innocence: The Length of this Period, only a few days. Gen. 2:17; 3:24;

Dispensation 17) Lucifer (the devil or adversary of God and man, called Satan) enters the restored earth tempts man and causes his fall, thus regaining dominion of the earth and all the things therein. Gen. 3; Luke 4; John 12:31; 2nd Cor. 4:4; Rev. 11:15; 20:1-10

Dispensation 18) Rebellion is begun on the earth again by its second ruler Adam. Man is judged, the earth is cursed again: and it enters it’s second sinful career, with all creatures being brought under the bondage of sin and corruption. Gen. 3; Rom. 5:12-21; 8:19-23

Dispensation 19) The Earth which are now (since the restoration work of six days and since the new curse on the earth) await the time of the second renovation, and the third perfect state, called the new heavens and the new earth. 2nd Peter 3:5-13; Rom. 8:19-23; Heb. 1:10-12; 12:24-28; Rev. 21:22

Dispensation 20) The Second Probationary Period. Dispensation of Conscience. The Length of this period is 1656 Years. Gen. 5:1-29; 7:11; 3:1-8; 14

Dispensation 21) The Third Probationary Period. Dispensation of Human Government. The Length of this period is 427 Years. Gen. 8:15; 11:9; Gen. 11:10-12;

Dispensation 22) The forth Probationary Period. Dispensation of the Promise, The Length of this period is 430 Years. Gen. 11:10; Exo. 12:51; Exo. 12:40; Gal. 4:30;

Dispensation 23) The Fifth Probationary Period. Dispensation of the Law. The Length of this Period is over 1700 Years from Moses to Christ. Exo. 13:1; Mt. 4:1; 11:11; Luke 16:16;

Dispensation 24) The Sixth Probationary Period. The Dispensation of Grace: The Length of this Period is from the First to the second advent of Christ and the binding of Satan in the abyss at the end of this age. It has already lasted over 1900 Years. The Rapture, the completion of the first Resurrection, the Judgement of the Saints, the Judgment of Nations, and the Tribulation of Daniel’s 70th week take place at the end of this age. Mat. 4:1; Rev. 19:21; John 1:17;

Dispensation 25) The Seventh Probationary Period Dispensation of Divine Government, or Millennium. (Rev. 20:1-10)

Dispensation 26) Satan loosed from the abyss at the end of the Millennium, to deceive the Nations and cause the last rebellion on earth, and cause the last destruction of all human rebels. Rev. 20:7-10

Dispensation 27) The Second Resurrection and final Judgment at the end of the Millennium. Rev. 20:11-15

Dispensation 28) Earth’s Second Sinful Career ended by the renovation of the immediate Heavens and the Earth by fire, and the removal of all the curse and it’s effects. Rom. 8:19-23; Heb. 1:2-10; 12:24-28; 2nd Pet. 3:10-13;

Dispensation 29) Confinement of all spirit Rebels of all ages in the lake of fire forever. Isa. 66:22-24; Mat. 25:41, 46; Rev. 14:9-11; 20:10-15)

Dispensation 30) The New Heavens and the New Earth. When the earth is perfect for the third time. The Eternal Perfect State with God all in all again, as before the rebellion in the universe headed by Lucifer and Adam. 1st Corinthians. 15:24-28; Isaiah. 65:17; 66:22-24; 2nd Peter. 3:13; Rev. 21-22


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