Posted: 09/09/2014 by whocantopit in Bible Lessons

1.  Underline the correct answer. God’s redemptive plan is for (1) Jews only, (2) Gentiles only, (3) all persons of every nation.

2.  True ________  False _________  Acts 1:8 is a good outline of both the Book of Acts and of how the Gospel spread to the world.

3.  Underline the correct answer. Traditional scholarship holds that Acts was written by: (1) Luke, a physician; (2) James, the brother of Jesus; (3) Apollos, the Christian orator.

4.  True __________ False __________ Acts is a continuation of the story begun in the Gospel according to Luke.

5.  Dr. MacGorman states that the primary evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts is _________________________.

6.  True ________ False ________ The disciples expected Jesus to establish His kingdom immediately (1:6-7).

7.  In Christian history, Pentecost marked the coming of the __________    __________ and the beginning of a harvest of _____________.

8.  Three happenings when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost were: (1) ______________, (2) _________________________, and (3) __________________________ (2:1-4).

9.  True ______ False _______ Dr. MacGorman believes that “tongues” speak of foreign languages in Acts and ecstatic utterances in 1 Corinthians.

10.  Some who heard the believers speaking in tongues accused them of being __________________ (2:12-13).

11.  List three evidences given by Peter that Jesus is Messiah and Lord (2:22-36)  (1) __________, (2) _______________, (3) ____________________.

12.  Peter climaxed his sermon by declaring, “Let all the house of ____________ know for certain that God has made Him both _______________ and _______________ this Jesus whom you _______________” (2:36).

13.  List two things Peter promised if they would “repent” and “be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ” (2:38).  (1) _______________ (2) _______________

14.  Some characteristics of the early church were (2:41-47): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. whocantopit says:


    1. (3). 2. True. 3. (1). 4. True. 5. Bold witnessing to God’s redemption in Christ. 6. True. 7. Holy Spirit, souls. 8. Noise like a great wind, tongues of fire, speaking with our tongues. 9. True. 10. Drunk. 11. Miracles, Jesus’ resurrection, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 12. Israel, Lord, Christ, crucified. 13. Forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. 14. Baptism, teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayers, unity, sincerity, acceptance by people.

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