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1.  In an assembly of prayer and fasting in the church at Antioch, “the sovereign Spirit of God launched a movement to __________   __________   __________” (13:1-4; see also paragraph 1 of this chapter).

2.  Cyprus was a good place to begin because it was the home of _______________ (13:4; 4:36).

3.  True ______ False ______ Paul and Barnabas were glad when John Mark decided to return to Antioch (13:13; 15:36-41).

4.  True _____ False _____ Paul’s sermon at Pisidian Antioch, in which he spoke of God’s dealings with Israel and of Jesus’ death and resurrection, was an example of his preaching to dispersed Jews (13:16-41).

5.  The response of Paul’s hearers followed a pattern of initial __________ and eventual __________ (13:42-52).

6.  Match the following:

_____ (1) Antioch of Syria.    A.  Where Paul was stoned.

_____ (2) Perga in Pamphylia.      B.  Where John Mark left him.

_____ (3) Lystra.          C.  Gentile question debated.

_____ (4) Jerusalem Council.      D.  Missionary journey started.

7.  In his sermon at Lystra, the first recorded Christian message preached to a pagan audience, Paul’s approach was __________________________(14:15-17).

8.  Paul chose to retrace the route of the first missionary journey in order to _________________________ (14:21-22).

9.  Underline the correct answer. The issue at the Jerusalem Conference (Acts 15) was (1) whether Peter should be pastor of the Jerusalem church, (2) who would be the next missionaries.  (3) whether or not Gentiles could be saved without becoming Jewish proselytes.

10.  The council at Jerusalem accepted James’s proposal that __________ be accepted as true believers and that they be asked to abstain from __________, __________, __________, and ____________________ (15:19-20).


  1. whocantopit says:


    1. Evangelize the world. 2. Barnabas. 3. False. 4. True. 5. Success, persecution. 6. (1) D, (2) B, (3) A, (4) C. 7. God’s revelation through nature. 8. Strengthen the churches. 9. (3). 10. Gentiles, idols, fornication, things strangled, blood.

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