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1.  True______ False______ When church leaders in Jerusalem heard about Paul’s ministry among the gentiles, they glorified God and advised that he make a vow in the temple (21:17-25).

2.  True______ False______ Paul took some Gentiles into the temple to prove that they could be saved without being Jewish proselytes (21:15-26).

3.  True______ False______ Paul was rescued from an angry mob by Roman soldiers (21:27-36).

4.  In addressing the enraged Jews, Paul spoke in the _________________________ dialect to quiet his hearers (22:2).

5.  Give four points of Paul’s defense (22:3-11).
1)  ______________________________
2)  ______________________________
3) ______________________________
4) ______________________________

6. Underline the correct answer. Because Paul was a Roman citizen, (1) teleased, (2) kept from being severly beaten, (3) assured a place in heaven (22:28-29).

7. What subject caused a debate among the Jews and lightened the pressure on Paul? (23:6-7).

8. God promised Paul: “Take _______________; for as you have solemnly witnessed to My cause at _______________, so you must witness at ____________________ also” (23:11).

9. Because of a threat on Paul’s life, the commander had Paul transferred to __________________________________ (23:23-24).

10. Paul remained in prison in Caesarea at least _____years (24:27).

11. What three subjects did Paul stress when speaking to Felix and Drusilla (24:24-25)?
(1) _____________________________
(2) _____________________________
(3) ________ ________ ____________

12. When Paul was brought for trial before Festus, he declared: “I have committed no offense either against ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ or against the ________ or against _______________(25:8).

13. True_____ False_____ Festus refused to allow Paul to be sent to Rome for trial before Caesar even though he knew Paul was a Roman citizen (25:11-12; 26:32).

14. True_____ False_____ In his defense before Agrippa Paul told how he met Jesus and how he knew that Jesus was the Christ (26:1-23).

15. Write out a description of how you met Jesus. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. whocantopit says:


    1. True. 2. False. 3. True. 4. Hebrew. 5. (1) His former zeal in Judaism (2) His encounter with the risen Lord, (3) His baptism, (4) Hiss commission to be a witness. 6. (2). 7. The resurrection. 8. Courage, Jerusalem, Rome. 9. Caesarea. 10. Two. 11. Righteousness, self-control, the judgement to come. 12. The Law of the Jews, the temple, Caesar. 13. False. 14. True. 15. Your answer.

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