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1. Evidence (the word “we”) shows Paul’s physician friend, __________, accompanied him on his voyage to Rome (27:1-2).

2. Underline the correct answer. On the journey to Rome, Paul was treated (1) with abusive disrespect, (2) with respect and a certain freedom.

3. True_____ False_____ Because Paul was both a seasoned traveler and s Christian, the captain of the ship heeded his advice and delayed sailing (27:10-13).

4. True_____ False_____ When caught in a great storm at sea, the captain ordered the crew to get rid of all excess cargo and equipment and thus saved the ship (27:18-44).

5. Based on a message from _______________, Paul stated that even though the ship would be lost, everyone would be saved and advised all to _______________(27:20-25).

6. True_____ False_____ The centurions respect for Paul led him to keep the soldiers from killing all the prisoners and to allow all to try to get to shore (27:42-44).

7. When a snake bit Paul, the residents of the island of Malta thought he was a ____________________ but when he was unaffected, they decided he was a ____________________(28:1-6).

8. Luke said little about Paul’s ministry on Malta, but indicated that God used him to __________ __________ __________ (28:7-9).

9. Paul was encouraged on the final portion of his journey to Rome by _________  _____  _____  __________  __________ (28:14-15).

10. True_____ False_____ In Rome, Paul experienced freedom to communicate the Gospel and begun by sharing “the hope of Israel” with Jewish leaders of the city (28:16-22).

11. The response of the Jews to Paul’s efforts to convince them that Jesus was the Messiah reveals the typical response in that some _______________ and some _______________ (28:23-24).

12. Luke summarized Paul’s two years of ministry in Rome as “____________________ the kingdom of God and ____________________ concerning the ____________________ Jesus ____________________ with all openness, unhindered” (28:31).

13. What commitment will you make in the light of this study?

  1. whocantopit says:


    1. Luke. 2. (2). 3. False. 4. False. 5. An angel, keep up the courage. 6. True. 7. Murderer, God. 8. Heal several people. 9. Being met by believes. 10. True. 11. Believed, believed not. 12. Preaching, teaching, Lord, Christ. 13. Your answer.

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