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1.  List three barriers to the Gospel which Dr. MacGorman says were overcome in this period?
(1)____________      _______________
(2)______________      ______________
(3)_______________     ______________

2.  Underline the correct answer:  one problem which arose in the early church was (1) dissension over the distribution of supplies to certain widows, (2) who would be elected president, (3) indecisive action on the part of the leaders (6:1-7).

3.  List three qualities expected in the men selected to deal with the problem among the widows.

4.  True _____ False _____ The apostles suggested that the congregation select seven men (6:2-6)

5.  Two of the seven who were effective preachers were __________ and __________ (6:8-8:40).

6.  True ______ False _______ Stephen’s speech was accepted by the Jewish leaders (7:54-60).

7.  What was the theme of Stephen’s message?________________________________________________________(7:1-53).

8.  True _____ False _____ The messages by Peter (Acts2) and Stephen (Acts 7) had different results.

9.  A militant young Judaist who encouraged the stoning of Stephen was __________ of __________ (8:1).

10.  Underline the correct answer. Phillip had an effective ministry among (1) the Samaritans, (2) the Jewish priests, (3) the Roman soldiers (8:5-25).

11.  Philip preached to crowds, but his encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch shows he was also an effective ________________

12.  The subject of Philip’s message to the eunuch was __________ as the Suffering Servant (8:35).

13.  True _____ False _____ The eunuch showed he believed in Jesus by giving Philip a love offering.

14.  True _____ False _____ After Philip left the eunuch, he had no more opportunities to preach the Gospel.


  1. whocantopit says:


    1. Internal dissension, intensified persecution, individual differences. 2. (1). 3. Of food reputation, full of the Spirit, full of wisdom. 4. True. 5. Stephen, Philip. 6. False. 7. That Israel consistently rejected the men whom God chose to bless her. 8. True. 9. Saul, Tarsus. 10. (1). 11. Personal witness. 12. Jesus. 14. False.

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