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1.  True _____ False _____ Saul believed that he was serving God by destroying those who confessed Jesus as Lord (8:1).

2.   Underline the correct answer. Although Jesus had been exalted to the right hand of the Father, (1) His followers never could be hurt (2) to persecute Christians was to persecute Him (3) everyone who heard the Gospel was saved (9:4).

3.  When Ananias was reluctant to minister to Saul, God informed him that Saul was a ______   ______, to bear His name before ___________, __________, and __________ (9:15).

4.  List four things which Ananias did in response to God’s instruction:

5.  True _____ False _____ After his conversion, Saul was received by the believers in Jerusalem only because Barnabas stood up on Saul’s behalf (9:26-30).

6.  Under Peter’s ministry described in Acts 9-10, Aeneas was __________, Tabitha (Dorcas) was ________ _____ ________, and Cornelius, a Gentile, was __________.

7.  List 6 facts about Cornelius before his conversion.

8.  True _____ False _____ When Peter refused to eat unclean animals shown him in a vision, God commended him for not comprising his convictions (10:15-16).

9.  True _____ False _____ When Peter explained that coming to a gentile was unusual, Cornelius got mad (10:28-33).

10.  Peter proved he had overcome his racial prejudice when he said: “_________________________________” (10:34-35).

11.  True _____ False _____ Peter preached basically the same Gospel to Gentiles which he preached to Jews.

12.  True _____ False _____ The gift of the Holy Spirit follows the same pattern in each experience in Acts.

13.  When Peter told the believers in Jerusalem about the conversion of Cornelius, they glorified God for granting the gentiles ____________________ that leads to life (11:18).

14.  The first Gentile church was established at _______________ in Syria with _______________ and _______________ the first pastors (11:19-30).


  1. whocantopit says:


    1. True. 2. (2). 3. Chosen instrument, Gentiles, kings, Israel. 4. Went to Saul, told Saul about the Lord, laud hands on him, baptized him. 5. True. 6. Healed, raised from the death, saved. 7. Gentile military man, devout, feared God, gave alms, prayed. 8. False. 9. False. 10. “God is not the one to show partiality”. 11. True. 12. False. 13. The repentance. 14. Antioch, Barnabas, Saul.

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